People of America, I am nothing but a lowly prisoner with the smallest of voices, and yet I cry out with all of my being, please hear me. I weep for our nation. We have strayed so far from the foundational truths that made our nation so great. Our founders may not have been perfect themselves, but they knew the principles that would make us, at the very least, a nation of great principles — goals that would encourage us to reach beyond our natural limitations. And if we clung to these principles, we too could become great. England’s King George was a tyrant who believed that he should be held as high as God Himself. So therefore, this belief extended to the idea that all men were his slaves created for the sole purpose of being subjected to his every whim. Oh, this idea of slavery may not have been enforced by visible whips and chains, but the whips were threats of false accusations of treason which would be met with prison or death, and the chains were exorbitantly high taxes enforced by the same threats of a traitor’s end. When this slavery began to encroach itself on the freedom the settlers had become accustomed to, it was met by a Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War which inspired and validated our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution of the United States of America. Thus we became a nation — a nation that stood up and proclaimed that all men are created equal and that all men have the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to pursue happiness. And these rights are guaranteed by our Constitution. Let me stop there for a minute in order to state some elementary facts. The continually believed statement that we are a Democracy is a lie. The truth is that we are a Republic — our Constitution declares this. A Democracy is a nation where the majority rules. A Republic is a nation that is ruled solely by its Constitution no matter what the majority says. A Democracy says that all men should follow the ideas and morals of the majority. A Republic says that all men should follow a set of unchangeable laws and morals defined by its Constitution. The “Democracy” of our nation says that every man should do what is right in his own eyes. Our Constitution says that its set of laws and morals apply the same to every man — laws and morals which our founders knew were directed by God Himself and outlined in the Bible. The only Democratic right we have is the right to vote, but this right is there for us to be responsible in choosing leaders who are sworn by oath (before God and man) to uphold and defend our Constitution of laws and morals. We, as U.S. citizens, have failed greatly in this responsibility many times throughout our history by choosing men who have twisted our Godly laws and perverted our Godly morals. One nation under God??? I weep for our nation! Now, getting back to our Godly foundations — even though we have this proclamation that all men are created equal and these rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness along with the Bill of Rights and Free Enterprise, Godly principles almost immediately began to be overlooked and even subtly attacked. One tragic example of this is how we rebelled against a tyrannical king only to allow slavery to creep into our borders even to the point of being accepted as commonplace in our society forgetting the “all men are created equal” part. This tragedy continued to grow worse and worse as sons of Adam were bought and sold like animals. Treated like animals, they were sometimes bred for their strength, and when they started to become too plentiful, their unborn babies were slaughtered in the womb in order to control the population. This same atrocity has been called abortion, pro choice, and now, these days, a medical right and is still promoted by the same side of government that promoted and fought for slavery to continue back then. (I weep for our nation!) As decades went by, slavery became so much of a hot topic that fist fights broke out in Congress and eventually broke out into the bloodiest war in all of known history even to this day. Finally, the truth of our foundation took a stand and won the abolition of slavery, at least one form of it anyway. I say this because slavery still exists today in many other hidden or disguised forms. A simple example of this is found in some of the ridiculous zoning laws that demand control of how you build or what you do your “own” property. I admit that some zoning is required for various reasons, but most of the time, it’s just the asinine result of somebody’s power trip. A more serious form of slavery is taxation. In fact, the only taxes that were allowed during the early days of our Constitution were during war time. Of course, we need to pay our taxes to support infrastructure, military, and other basic necessities of government, but how many multitudes of taxes and fees are we forced to pay for that we don’t want, don’t need, or are even unconstitutional? How much do you think that our founders would role over in their graves if they saw how much more than tea we pay taxes on or how taxpayers are forced to pay for the murdering of unwanted babies? The point right now is that the spirit of our Constitution was to insure that we paid as little taxes as legitimately possible, but guess who consistently wants to raise our taxes? The truth is that most of our taxes are implemented in order to enact some kind of control removing our freedoms piece by piece. Do we even have a free enterprise system anymore? Think about all the tax hassles you must go through just to be an employee. The hassles and costs are enormously multiplied when you are an employer or own a business even if you are a little boy mowing lawns. Tax preparation has become a legalized racket in our country and guess who promoted that. I will come back to this later.

An even more serious form of slavery is debt. The Bible says that the borrower is servant to the lender (Proverbs 22:7b). The lender sets all the terms, and you’re just stuck making payments until it’s either paid off or the lender decides that you missed too many payments and takes your collateral. However, even the giving up or the taking of your collateral may not alleviate your debt because of interest due. Also, the person or company you signed an agreement with may not be the same lender you end up with… the lender has the right to sell your contract at any time. How does it feel to be a slave to a possible multitude of masters? And yet, our whole economy is based on a system of debt. I fail to understand why we have chosen this route. Even the value of our dollar is nearly worthless because of it. How can we honestly say that we are a free nation with trillions of dollars of debt hanging over our heads? Who are the real masters of our nation? What would happen if they decided to claim the collateral? Would this collateral cover all the accrued interest? Where would we be as a nation if every single blessing we even thought we had was suddenly snatched away in one swift moment leaving us truly naked, afraid, and destitute? I know these are some very tough questions, but I hope to give an acceptable answer. Be patient, we’ll get there. I just need to add one more thing before I move on. In all honesty, both sides of the equation have played their part in developing this massive debt. The parts played are not equal, but they are probably closer to equal than some might think. However, if you added up all the parts that each side has played in this debt fiasco, many would probably not believe the truth before their eyes simply because they have been deceived by promises of Socialism and Robin-Hoodistic ideas. (Yes, I made that word up, but it makes the point.) (Again, I weep for our nation!) I will try to keep this short, but let me chase a very important rabbit trail for a moment. We are a two party nation. This is another tragic example of how our foundational principles have been and are being attacked, and this idea is unconstitutional. Why do I say this? It’s not because we shouldn’t have an influx of ideas and opinions — this is how we grow and learn from each other. But, when we have two diametrically opposed sets of core beliefs, then we are bipolar at best. We have two basic mottos of our nation: one is “United we stand, divided we fall”, and the other is “In God we trust.” Our Constitution declares that we are a Republic founded on Godly principles. Any core beliefs that refute this Republic should never be allowed to have any government authority of any kind. But, because we have allowed an anti-republic set of core beliefs infiltrate and become an intricate part of our government, and because so many of our citizens have fallen prey to their ungodly ideas, we are now a nation on the brink of a political civil war — once again, the slavers are trying to divide our country while our enemies sit back and laugh at us! United we stand, divided we fall? I weep for our nation! Another tragedy that has progressively befallen our nation is the systematic breakdown of our religious rights and freedoms. All of this started by the twisting of terminology. Our right to “Freedom of Religion” got twisted to mean “freedom from religion,” and this misinterpretation got pushed by extremists so much that it spread like an infectious disease that eventually became a deeply rooted precedent. One of the ideas that helped to perpetuate this disease is the misinterpretation of our constitutional principal of “Separation of Church and State.”. This simply means that the Church can not rule the government, and the government can not rule the Church. But these same extremists twisted its meaning to say that God is not allowed in government, and the government must maintain control over the Church. These slaughterous twistings are why Bibles and prayer have been banned from our schools, church signs and religious displays have to get approval, and the name of Jesus is forbidden from being spoken in a public arena. These perversions of the truth are so ominous that Christian parents are made out to be abusers, and pastors are projected as lunatics. And, what started out as a seemingly innocent Marriage License, turned into being forced to perform ungodly unions or lose Tax Free Status. Oh yea, Tax Free Status for churches was also guaranteed by our founders but was later “regulated” and now used as a club. I weep for our nation!

Once again, we have strayed so far from the foundational truths that made our nation so great. Our founders never intended for our nation to be run by Godless bigots, liars, slave drivers, and thieves (politicians) who, for the most part, don’t even know how to keep their clothes on! And yes, we still have problems with “Racism” in our country, but I have found that the biggest racists are the hypocrites who scream “Racism” all the time. Most people in our nation don’t even care what color your skin is. I honestly believe that “race” is a dirty word created by men solely for the purpose of causing division. God made Adam out of dirt, and since we are all sons of Adam, we are all dirt colored. It don’t matter what shade of dirt you are, you are still dirt colored. And I don’t think that anyone really cares what shade of dirt you turn into after you die simply because it’s the soul that really makes the man — what kind of legacy did you leave behind? Jesus died for only one race — the human race, and He died so that all mankind might be saved from sin and its eternal judgment. (Oh, and by the way, Jesus was dirt colored too. With the love He had for all mankind, does it really matter what shade of dirt He was? Personally, I don’t care if you paint Jesus with purple skin and bicycle shorts, He’s still the one who died a horrible death so I might have abundant life!) The fact that people are actually killing one another just because of the color of their skin, the color of their shirt, or the kind of hat they wear is absolutely heartbreaking to say the least. I weep for our nation! Let’s take a quick look at our “Justice System.” Our founders believed that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt” with the idea that it’s better for a guilty man to go free than for an innocent man to spend even one day in jail. Today, many innocent go to prison, and you better not declare that innocence, or they will really throw the book at you! Society must get its vengeance at any cost, and prosecutors and judges must get their political kudos! And if an innocent man does somehow manage to prove his innocence, it usually takes an excess of twenty years and tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars before he finally gets released with the extreme reluctance and an “oh well” attitude of the courts. Justice? Not only is vengeance running rampant in this system, but forgiveness is all but completely kicked out of the way just so some figure can look good in the eyes of politics. Mercy is a thing of the past with maximum sentences and enhancements being handed out like candy from the back of a float in a parade. Early parole dates are being refused without provocation keeping prisons way overcrowded with people waiting in line in county jails just to get in. I’m not saying that crime shouldn’t be met with punitive force, but there’s got to be a better way to curb it than to steal away the bulk of a person’s productive life. And don’t even get me started on the civil courts! I weep for our nation! If you read the book of Revelations, you will find out about a man who will come into power in the not-to-distant future called the Antichrist. He will bring to pass a global one-world government making all kinds of false promises of socialistic bliss. All will appear to be great at first, but not long into his reign, he will break his promises, make himself out to be god forcing people to worship him, and bring down multitudes of untold terrors upon this earth! Now then, I may not have covered every issue I should have (such as: climate change, immigration, riots, police, etc.) or maybe not even as in depth as I should have, but with all these tragic issues facing our nation, all of us should be able to clearly see the horrid disaster in which we are heading! The biggest problem is that all of these issues are being pushed and provoked by radical extremists and promoted by the bulk of the media like it’s the purest of gold. We need immediate answers! I weep for our nation! One of the things that our first president did was to commission the printing of Bibles to be placed in every school throughout our nation. And what you might find shocking to know is that none of his constituents nor any political activists stood up to proclaim “Separation of Church and State” in defiance to the president’s order. Our founders knew that in order to remain”One Nation under God” and preserve the Godly principles proclaimed in our Constitution, then our children must get to know or at least be taught about the God who created these principles! For many decades, our first schools were held in churches and shared a common interest, and our teachers were agreed upon and hired by the communities in which they lived. (People knew to protect what their children were being taught.) By studying the Bible, they learned that Jesus is the Giver of life, liberty, and happiness, and that God gave value to man by creating him with His own hands. (Murder becomes easy if you believe that we descended from apes or fish!) The answer to all of our nation’s problems is really quite simple — we need to all become Foundationalists and return to the roots that made us great to begin with. I’m not saying that every person should be forced to become Christians — that would be unconstitutional and not the way God works. I’m just saying that if we, as a nation, would take the first step and return to these Godly principles, then we would see an overwhelming abundance of miracles over night and possibly, by God’s grace, reset God’s end-time clock. God Himself said it like this, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14). I have just one last question.

I have just one last question. If I, a lowly prisoner barred from society by concrete and steel surrounded by armed guards and tall rozor-wire fences, can so clearly see all these things, then why can’t you? I weep for you, People of America! DeWayne Sumner